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Project Manager



3-6 months approximately

The length of your internship depends on how quickly you can meet your targets (shared below). If you can complete within 2 months, that’s fantastic! If it takes 3 months, that’s okay too. You’ll be paid a fixed lump sum for the internship.

You get an extra bonus of INR 5000 if you meet the targets within 2 months!


6-8 hours per day

Monday to Friday (Saturday half day – if there is urgent work)


  1. Post jobs on multiple freelancing platforms
  2. Review and shortlist vendors
  3. Perform screening of shortlisted vendors
  4. Create and evaluate assessments/test projects
  5. Finalise quality vendors and hire them upon your senior’s approval
  6. Research, strategise and draft Project briefs according to the requirements
  7. Assign projects to the hired vendors and get the projects done with the best quality by sharing feedback.
  8. Make the projects live on various platforms upon your seniors approval.

What exactly do we mean by ‘Projects’?

We are trying to build our design portfolio on platforms like

And we want to fill up our accounts with as many portfolio items as possible.

Hence we are giving you a target of 100 portfolio items.

These 100 items can be split up into 10 websites, 10 logos, 10 social media items, 10 branding guides and so on…

It is also your job to research and strategise on what should these portfolio items be?

For instance, if you’re working on logos, then you gotta give a hypothetical client brief to the vendor to create a dummy logo.

Like – create a logo for a software brand that makes small digital marketing tools, preferred colours are blue and purple

So you can divide these 100 portfolio tems up into multiple projects and assign them to the hired vendors.

For example, you can hire 20 vendors and assign 5 items to each of them.

Makes sense? If not, read it again or ask us any Questions you got here.

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If you want to give a document, please upload it on Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link.
Timings would be (12pm to 4pm and 8.30pm to 12.30am IST)
Example- Portfolio Item - Website | Project Brief - Design a Website for a jewellery brand that sells luxury jewellery.

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