Full-stack Developer


  1. Build pages / sections on CMS platforms like WordPress & Shopify.
  2. Understand and implement speed optimization to improve website’s performance
  3. Develop extended apps, like plugins for WordPress and apps for Shopify.
  4. Comfortable with building front-end templates using JSON APIs.
  5. Work on front-end and back-end languages like HTML, CSS, JS, ReactJS, Node.JS, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python.


  1. Proficiency in Front-end: HTML, CSS, JS, and ReactJS
  2. Proficiency in Back-end: Node.JS, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python.
  3. Easy and enjoyable to work with
  4. Have obsessive attention to detail, write clean codes
  5. Communicate well in writing 6. Desire to learn (curiosity)

If you do not know about the mentioned CMS platforms, don’t worry, we will give you all the required training, all you need to have is a will to learn new things.

If you want to give a document, please upload it on Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link.