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Domain Name Assistant



  1. The first month of the internship would involve –
    1. Performing research and understanding different industries and niche.
    2. Finding domain names based on the given keywords.
  2. Second month onwards
    1. Finding keywords and collecting their data
    2. Analyzing and filtering out domain names from large databases involving 1000s of data.
    3. Creating reports of SEO names
    4. Coming up with a one-line description for the given domain/brand names.
    5. Performing relevant market research and coming up with one-line descriptions for each name.


  1. Crazy research skills
  2. Good English vocabulary
  3. Decent creativity skills
  4. Tons and tons of patience

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If you want to give a document, please upload it on Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link.
Timings would be (12pm to 4pm and 8.30pm to 12.30am IST)
Example- Portfolio Item - Website | Project Brief - Design a Website for a jewellery brand that sells luxury jewellery.

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