Why our teammates love to work at GrowthScribe?

More than one-half of the employees in the entire world are dissatisfied with their jobs. And just in India, around 80% do not love what they do.

And it’s often assumed that low financial compensation is the main reason.

But that’s not even close to the truth.

Toxic managers, poor work culture, lack of appreciation, conflicts amongst work mates, zero importance to employees opinions and negative criticism are just a few to begin with.

So WHY do these unhappy employees continue to work despite of all the above mentioned reasons? ๐Ÿค”

Only because they can’t find a job that they love.

Many of them give up and just compromise, while some are still on the hunt for their dream job.

I don’t wanna brag but all of our employees (yes, literally all of them) fall in the 20% sector who do love their jobs.

Would you believe me if I told you that people in GrowthScribe have rejected better compensated job offers to continue working at GS? No?

Read till the end and I bet you’d change your mind.

Some (among many) of the reasons why working here is pure awesomeness-

  1. Fun culture
  2. Opinions are valued
  3. Supportive co-workers
  4. Constructive feedback
  5. Free to work on projects you love
  6. Flexible working hours and work-life balance
  7. Earn at your own pace

1 โ€” Fun culture

Whaat? Fun? At work?


One might wonder how “fun culture” is possible in a remote company.

Well, we do it and we do it like a boss.

Here’s how.

๐ŸŽฎ Games day, where we go online and play some really cool games. (and for some reason we seem to be really obsessed with Skribbl)

โ›น๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ Monthly competitions with exciting prizes for the winner.

๐ŸŒด Semi annual company retreats. We all meet up and go on an awesome trip, twice every year.

Celebration of holidays events.

๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ Virtual parties where we all dress up, get a drink (mandatory) and something to eat, hop on a video call and watch Naruto or just chat.

And the list goes on.

We’re like a group of friends who love each other’s company and work towards one goal. And that is, making marketing easy.

2 โ€” Opinions are valued

I’ve always heard people say that employeesโ€™ opinions are never openly acknowledged in the workplace.

And that is actually true. 9/10 people in my network feel that their opinions and suggestions are always ignored. Well, Kartik thinks that’s insane. (And I agree)

Opinions and suggestions of employees are what matter the most, for the company to grow in the right direction.

Employees at GrowthScribe are always involved in minor as well as major decision making matters. Their say is considered significant and essential for growth.

You feel like the onboarding process should be evolved? Sure!

You think hiring an extra person can increase productivity? Done.

New software that might be useful? Yessir. Let’s do it.

If you have a reasonable and logical idea, we’re all ears.

3 โ€” Supportive co-workers

I know I already mentioned this but GrowthScribe is basically a group of friends who love and support each other. For real.

If someone is feeling low and is not able to work, their boss would ask them to work on smaller stuff or maybe give a day off, instead of shouting at them for not finishing their tasks.

(Obviously they’d have to make up for it once they’re up and running ๐Ÿ˜)

Even in remote jobs, employees face consequences for logging in late or signing off early. But at GrowthScribe, we try to understand and are pretty much okay with anything as long as you’re doing things by the deadline.

If you’re struggling with something at work, you can always reach out to anybody in the company for help. And even if they’re loaded with work (and they usually are), they will always figure out a way to provide you with the help you need.

Everybody is super caring, affectionate and supportive (especially our boss) and when you’re feeling blue, they’ll always be there for you, no matter what.

4 โ€” Constructive feedback

There are two ways to give feedback.

  1. The wrong way – “The report you made was horrible. There were so many details missing and some of the data was even wrong. I’m very disappointed with your work.” Now the person would end up feeling discouraged, demotivated and a regular pattern of these feedbacks would even make him wanna quit.
  2. The right way – “Good job on making the report. There were a few things missing and some of the data was wrong, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for that considering you’ve never made these mistakes before. Do you think you can fix all mistakes and submit the final report in 20 min? And btw, nice work on the formatting. The report is clean and easy to read. Impressive.” Here the person would feel delighted and it would motivate him to make the final draft as perfect as he can.

I’m sure you figured it out by now that we always go with the second method. We understand and believe that people are not bad. If they messed up, there must be a good reason behind it.

Criticizing someone can never lead to any good. But giving them the benefit of the doubt can do wonders.

5 โ€” Free to work on projects you love

This point sounds new, absurd and interesting at the same time. Doesn’t it?

Let me explain how project are assigned in GS.

80% of the work assigned to someone would be relevant and related to their department. 20% of the work, they’re free to choose what they want to do!

For example, if Alex is a content writer, 80% of her projects would be related to writing blogs, articles, website copies, social media posts and so on. And for the remaining 20%, she can choose design projects or tech projects or accounting or anything she’s interested in.

This way nobody is dissatisfied with their work, as working on something they love will always be an option.

One might question how someone can work on something else if they don’t have the skills for it.

Well we’ve taken care of that as well. Anytime you want to do on something new and interesting, you can get access to our companywide learning resources where you can pick a course or a book related to what you want to learn.

6 โ€” Flexible working hours and work-life balance

This is an important one.

While most companies out there expect you to work in fixed timings like 9am to 5pm, there are no strict 9 to 5 rules in GS.

You can be an early riser or a night owl, doesn’t matter. You work at your own convenient time.

We know how hard it is to wake up early during cold winter mornings. (You just don’t want to get out of that warm cozy blanket, do you?)

But that doesn’t mean you can work any amount of time you want.

It is a well known fact that over-working can lead to a burnout. And when you get a burnout, apart from your physical health, your mental health gets affected too. And trust me, nobody wants that. Not you, not us and definitely not your family. Nobody.

Working more than 8 hours a day is not healthy and we DO NOT support it.

Over-working is strictly forbidden and ignoring this rule would pave way to scary punishments. (Like sending a pizza to each one of your co-workers. No lies. โ˜ ๏ธ)

7 โ€” Earn at your own pace

Although low compensation is not a major reason for job dissatisfaction, it can sometimes be disappointing.

To be honest, the payouts might not be satisfactory at GS. But on the bright side, there are many options to level up your pay.

To elaborate on that, here is a brief on some of those ways.

  1. Take more Clients๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ผ – Everyone in the team has at least 4 clients at all times, if you want to manage more than 4 clients – you have an option to do so. As long as the quality of work is not compromised, sky is the limit.
  2. Commission๐Ÿ’ฒ – Many job roles inside the company are revenue and sales driven, those roles get commission on the revenue or sales grown every month. If your role isn’t like this but you want to do something, along with your current work, we do allow it. It can be within and/or outside the area of your expertise.
  3. Quick Recurring Tasks๐Ÿคน – There are multiple things in the company that are of extremely short duration but are expensive to hire a new person for, so we have many times assigned them to the team by giving them extra pay raise.
  4. Create your own ๐Ÿค” – If you think that something is missing and should be done, let’s discuss and take action on it. We’re open to your ideas.

Woah. Now aren’t these some exciting reasons to work at GS?

And not just these, there are a million more! Everybody at GrowthScribe work on improving and introducing more and more systems to make our working environment positive, productive and passionate. We thrive to make โ€œworkโ€ fun and exciting.

Come find your dream job!

We have multiple open roles and hire at least 5 people each month!

View our open roles, apply for the position you’re most passionate about and let’s start the journey of the best job in your career.

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