How Much Does Mr. Beast Makes A Month In 2023?


Do you wonder how James Stephen Donaldson, recognized as Mr Beast, became so famous and rich? How did Mr Beast become the pioneer of expensive stunts and challenges? 

Mr Beast is an American YouTuber, philanthropist, and entrepreneur currently based in North Carolina. He briefly attended East Carolina University before dropping out. In this post, we delve into Mr Beast’s net worth and analyze how he made whooping big dollar bills. 

How much does Mr Beast make a month?

Jimmy Donaldson is the highest-paid YouTuber due to his immense following. He attracts a lot of followers to his philanthropic stunts, as he redistributes a large sum of his money to friends or charity. People seem to admire these kind gestures as he is aimed at leaving a positive legacy behind.

According to reports, Mr Beast makes around $3 million every month from youtube ad revenue only. Other than his YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, he is an entrepreneur with multiple money streams such as brand sponsorships, partnerships, merchandise sales, and Beast Burger Restaurant.

It is known that Mr Beast charges $1 million per month from his primary sponsor of youtube video. And from his merchandise, it is said that he makes approximately $2.25 million per month.

We can roughly add up incomes from his main sources of money and say that Mr Beast’s monthly income is around $6.25 million ($3+$1+$2.25).

What is the net worth of Mr.Beast?

Mr Beast has a very impressive net worth portfolio. The youtuber has a net worth of an astounding $500 million as of 2023. MrBeasts net worth is a reflection of his immense entrepreneurial sense and unshakable commitment to making a positive impact on the globe. 

Mr. Beast started making videos for YouTube in 2012. But he gained popularity in 2017 when a video of him counting to 100,000 went viral. Since that day Mr.Beast’s popularity skyrocketed and nothing has been able to stop him up till now. 

MrBeast net worth is an accumulation of various revenue income streams. American YouTuber MrBeast has revealed that he once received a million dollars from Elon Musk for a good cause.

What are the sources through which Mr.Beast earns?

Mr.Beast’s major income is generated from YouTube. He has five YouTube channels

  1. MrBeast
  2. MrBeast 2
  3. Beast Reacts
  4. MrBeast Gaming
  5. MrBeast Philanthropy

His other sources of income include ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

YouTube ad revenue earning

MrBeast’s main YouTube channel has over 129 million subscribers and 21 billion video views. He makes $3 million per month from YouTube ads alone from his main channel. Every video of MrBeast draws in millions of viewers. 

The average rate per 1000 views on Youtube is $1-2 depending upon various factors. Mr beast’s every video crosses over a million views.

This massive audience converts into income through YouTube’s ad revenue programs. YouTube’s monetization model is primarily based on advertisements. This model consists of different sub-parts such as ad impressions, click-through rate, cost per mile, and ad formats. 

According to sources and social blade analysis, MrBeast YouTube Channel estimated daily earnings are $16.2K – $363.7K, and monthly earnings of around $484.9K – $10.9M based on existing 187M YouTube subscribers.

Apart from his main channel his other channels also generate substantial income including YouTube shorts. Each of his 5 channels enjoys millions of views on every video. Surely seems like Mr Beast has mastered the art of going viral and winning millions of hearts on YouTube. 

Brand deals and partnerships

Mr Beast has a high viewership that attracts high-profile brands to partner and collaborate with him. He has collaborated with brands like Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Quidd, and CSGO LOTTO.  Mr Beast promotes a product or service of the brand in his videos and gets paid millions in return.

The entrepreneur does sponsor videos on only two of his channels: MrBeast and MrBeast Gaming. Mr Beast does brand sponsorships on two of his YouTube channels: Mr. Beast & Mr. Beast Gaming. On the main one, he is paid $390,000 per deal, for an average of 1.3 videos per month he makes around $520,000.

On his gaming channel, he gets 150,000$ per sponsorship and makes around 2.64 videos a month on average, $396.000 per month. He’s making $918,000 a month from these brand deals. And around $11 million a year. This is even more than the earnings of Jake Paul, the highest paid boxer, and Logan Paul.

The brands get exposed to millions of Mr Beast viewers and this is what exactly they pay money for. They use MrBeast’s platform and audience to share their product and gain some rippling popularity from his channel. It is also seen that people tend to trust the recommendations of their inspirations.

Sponsored content

As the most influential entertainer in the digital world, MrBeast generates a substantial income from brand sponsorships. Due to his enormous and engaged fan base, which includes millions of devoted viewers across numerous channels, brands are eager to invest money significantly in collaborations with him. 

These collaborations not only increase MrBeast net worth but also provide him the opportunity to carry out even more audacious charitable endeavors, demonstrating the twin power of influence and motivation in Mr Beast digital empire. 

In 2017, Mr Beast received his first sponsorship deal of $10,000. In his very next video he started distributing that money into uber drivers and riders. He wanted to make the most out of this envelope. Mr beast has also done interesting brand partnerships with Nike and champion.

The YouTube creator also has a successful collaboration with Karl Jacobs who is known for being a major affiliate of MrBeast since 2020. His 87.1 million followers on tik tok also add up to the celebrity net worth.

According to calculations done by the YouTube sponsorship calculator, an ad on his main channel MrBeast is worth $0.021 CPV. With this, we can conclude that a single sponsorship on his channel stands between $308,000 to $431,000. This channel generates annual $2.4 million from sponsorships. 

If we look at some short-term examples, let’s look back to 2021 when MrBeast created a real-world version of the famous squid games season which was sponsored by Brawl Stars. Within 5 days the video received a whopping 125 million views and there was almost a 40% increase in downloads for brawl stars.

His proficiency in this area of online entrepreneurship is shown by his ability to seamlessly incorporate sponsorships into his material while maintaining authenticity and interaction with his audience.

Merchandise sales- E-commerce store

This YouTube star has his own merchandise collection. The collection ranges from shirts, mugs, home decor, and phone cases. His limited edition strategy is a very smart way to generate instant sales on his products. His merchandise line stands as proof of his business acumen and audience understanding.

Another aspect of his e-commerce stores is that a specific portion of the money goes out to charity. This aligns with his sense of philanthropy which we can see in his videos. There is no doubt that Mr Beast cares about humanity and does not let a chance go to help out humanity.

From time to time, he offers some limited-edition products. The supply of these products is intentionally restricted. This drives up the demand and results in high prices, providing MrBeast a chance to earn some serious money.

People who buy his merchandise are his fans. So, when some of his fans look at the other fans buying Mr Beast merchandise, they are also influenced to get a few items themselves. This leads to the feeling of becoming a part of a community. 

Since we live in a digital age, it is interesting to note how people form a sense of attachment to other fans of a digital content creator and then buy stuff sold by him to feel that they are part of a global, digital community. 

Another factor that drives up the sale of Mr Beast merchandise is the fact that fans from all over the world can purchase his merchandise. Since Mr. Beast is not just popular in the US, he is admired by people from all over the world.


In conclusion, the journey of Mr. Beast is impressive, if not astounding. At just 25, he has managed to gain a huge and unique fanbase. He has also managed to create multiple money streams in real life that help him earn some serious money. The unique thing about him is the more he spends money on philanthropy, the more he earns. 

For his fans, he inspires them to be generous with his unique way of philanthropy. This famous YouTube creator also initiated Team Trees, which raised 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees. 

He is the favorite male social star of millions and has won Streamy awards for “Creator of the Year” award four times in a row.

Apart from his YouTube career and franchise of Mr beast, this social media star has also launched a chocolate brand namely Mrbeast bar which claims to be 100% plant-based and of incredible quality.

Nonetheless, his net worth of more than $500 million is a source of inspiration for fans of all ages, especially young adults. He provides them with a role model that they can look up to. They think if he can do it, they can do it. Hats off to Jimmy Donaldson, or as we know him – Mr. Beast!

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