Content Strategist


  1. Perform extensive, quality research to come up with data finding strategies.
  2. Write catchy headlines & captivating content pieces (blogs, articles, website copies, social media posts, emails, etc) and build content templates.
  3. Develop scripts for audio podcast, YouTube videos, etc
  4. Understand hashtags for social media.
  5. Transcribe audios as well as videos.
  6. Understand the goal of the brand and target audience.
  7. According to the goal, build evergreen content strategies and implement them.
  8. Create documentations of what’s working well and what’s not.
  9. Follow frameworks like Pascal, AIDA, PAS, among many others in relevant places.


  1. Desire to learn (curiosity)
  2. Love to write
  3. Comfortably change the tone of the content with respect to the target audience.
  4. Make people stop what they’re doing to read you content
  5. Good at asking the right questions to understand how to write well detailed content pieces with the right flow and information.
  6. Willingness to do things the right way (especially, late in the game when it’s hard)
  7. Easy and enjoyable to work with
  8. Have obsessive attention to detail
  9. Communicate well in writing
If you want to give a document, please upload it on Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link.